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What You Need to Know about American Disabilities Act Signs

It is a mandate for any business person to adhere to the ADA act in the US which is known as the American Disability Act. It became a civil right law in 1990 and it always prevents the discrimination against people with disabilities. The introduction of this law was of great help to people with disabilities because before then there were some things they would not engage in.

One of the tool in this act that is of help to the disabled people is the ADA signs. In most cases the ADA signs are essential in places like bathrooms, public places, outdoors and indoors, parking spaces and other similar areas. If you think installing the signs is hard for you then you can consider asking for help and guidance from the compliance consultants. These compliance consultants help in creating the ADA signs. As long as you are not going against the ADA rules, you can customize them to the shape, color, size and texture you prefer.

Some of the ADA signs that you can customize include the elevator signs, bathroom signs, parking signs among others. The reason as to why these signs are important especially in public places is to ensure that the disabled will be able to access each place in the right way and will feel comfortable because there will be no difficult in accessing the places. Respecting this act as a business person shows the care and love you have for disabled people.

Here are some of the rules that should be followed when fixing the ADA signs and should be followed to the latter. As you are installing the signs make sure they are easy to read. Not only does the easy to read rule apply to the text but also to the braille system used by the blind people. The signs should not have any glare because it might be difficult for the ones with visual impairment to read. In this case of glare and reflection it will be hard for old people to read the signs.

Another rule is the contrast of light and darkness in the texts. A percentage of 70 is required of light to darkness between the text and the background. There is no rule on the color in fact you can choose the one you want for as long as it does not affect the rules about easy visibility and easy to read. When you use the correct light contrast then it becomes easy for the disabled to differentiate the characters from the background. All signs that are meant for the convenience must apply to all the rules and breaking any of those rules is dangerous because you can be penalized.

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