Mar 07

Stylish Short Haircuts For The Perfect Summer Look

Summer will be here soon and short haircuts will be much in demand. Are you amongst the women who grow their hair out all year only to cut it short as summer approaches? It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her hair as often as she sees it so why not opt for a sexy and sassy short ‘do this summer?

Or perhaps you have grown tired of your longer locks and want a drastic change. Short haircuts can be daunting, but the best part about hair is that it always grows back! And who knows, you might fall in love with your new short hairstyle!

There are many advantages of short haircuts. Not only are they perfect for hot and humid summer days, but they are also very chic and stylish. And men go wild for a woman with a sexy short haircut. Here are some more reasons to go short:

  1. Short hair will even thicker hair and bring it back to life. Thick hair tends to become dull and dry the longer it gets.
  2. Short hair is a perfect solution if you have thin or fine hair. You can add so much volume and texture to your tresses simply by getting it cut in a cut short hairstyle,
  3. You will spend less time styling your hair. And it will dry so much faster when it’s shorter.
  4. You won’t have to wash your short hair as often.
  5. Short hair is great if you want to add a pop of color such as streaks or highlights. It’s also the perfect canvas for ombre and balayage hues.
  6. A short haircut is a great way to drastically change your look and boost your self-esteem.
  7. If you get a short haircut with layers, you will still be able to wear it in a half-udpo.
  8. Short hair is very versatile, depending on the cut and style.
  9. Cutting your hair short is a great way to promote healthy growth and split ends.
  10. Say goodbye to knots and tangles with a cute short haircut!

Have we twisted your arm yet? Why not take a gander at some of the top short haircuts this season to see if we can sway you to trade in those long tresses for a sexy short hairstyle?

  Hip and Trendy Short Haircuts

  1. Asymmetrical Short Bob

This asymmetrical short bob is very cute and perfect if you want to a short haircut with a bit of an edge. The best part about it is is perfectly imperfect with its messy side part and varying layers throughout. This is a great look if you have thinner hair and want to add some more volume. As well, the carefree, tousled style will work well with both straight and curly tresses.

  1. Short Choppy Bob with Waves

This cut is great for those with thick curly tresses who want a cute, low maintenance short haircut. Ask for an a-line bob with choppy ends and layers to add texture and bounce to your curly locks. And the best part about this cut is you can still pull it back in a cute half updo.

Are one of these short haircuts calling your name? Summer will be here before you know it so it might be the perfect time to try one of these trendy looks!